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Author: David McCullough
Date Recommended: Jul 2007
Recommended by: blake


1776 discusses the first year of the Revolutionary War. David McCullough does an excellent job presenting the historic year as a story, so instead of being somewhat boring (as I expect a lot of history books to be) it was actually exciting and hard to put down at times. I was amazed and inspired by the stories of the first major battles and the determination of the leaders like Washington who were inexperienced and under qualified, but were still trying their hardest. I was surprised that the Continental Army suffered major defeats in the first year and had trouble recruiting enough soldiers to fight.

1776 also increased my faith in God. There were times when the Continental Army faced terrible odds of survival and victory, but they overcame them. I believe, and David McCullough cites some of the people involved in the war that believed, that God helped deliver the Continental Army out of dire situations so that a free nation could be established.

I think the Locust Grove Literary Society would like 1776, especially since you already read John Adams, which was also written by David McCullough. Although I haven't read John Adams, my guess is that 1776 is at least as good, perhaps even better since it covers such an important piece of our country's history.

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