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Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen
Date Read: Oct 1996


Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
Pride and Prejudice has long been one of my favorite books. The main idea of the novel is that first impressions and snap judgments are not always correct. It is a story of how assumptions can influence how one treats another, and the effect it can have on one's life.

Elizabeth Bennett, the main character, bases her character judgments almost entirely upon first impressions. Her judgments are correct only about half the time. She vastly misjudges two main characters in the book, and those misjudgments affect her life.

While the novel was written many many years ago, the message still applies today. It is written in a prose that is easy to understand and does not read as outdated.

Pride and Prejudice is a realistic story of boy meets girl, boy misjudges girl and girl misjudges boy, the misjudgment continues until the true characters come to light, and then boy and girl can finally love each other. Classic.
(Submitted by mariefrankie)

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